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  1. F.B. Marshall @ Says:

    Ralph I need help fast my mortgage company, Homecomings Financial is willing to modify my loan, so far I spoken with a loan modification agent who took my financial work up by phone and ordered an appraiser to come and look at my property on this coming Monday Feb 23, 2009. However my major problem lies with the fact that I have a court date with the Forclosure judge on Friday Feb 27, 2009.
    I have a husband and two teenage children and no where, I stress noooo where to go! What do i do at this point?

    Desperate and scared.

  2. W. Scott Says:

    I have a mortgage, i am in a foreclosure status, i want to keep my home, i’ve tried to work out a program to keep my house with Chase Mortgage, but have been unsuccessful, unless i agree to pay twice the amount of my mortgage payment. Mr. Dimon lied to Congress, because his employees, have no intention on working with homeowners, the VA, as far as i can tell, being a federal agency, have no more concern, that Chase does. I enlisted the help of NACA, but Chase refused to respond to them, now i’m within days of losing my home, and i need some direction. I gave up everything in order to ensure that i would be able to keep my house, i let my truck go back, and i now take the bus, i let all my other payments go to the devil, in order to ensure that i could maintain my home, but i had no choice, even if not my fault, to pay the bank back all there money. I’ve reached out to my congressman, the president, the mortgage company, community based companies, and still it is no relief. What can a person, who is a single parent, with no where to go, suppose to do

  3. W. Scott Says:

    I did forget to mention, that my credit is in the toliet, because i’ve giving up any consideration of have things, just to keep a roof over our head.

  4. Michael Z Says:

I bought a home 3 years ago and within the 1st year I got laid off and my wife fell into medical problems which we fell behind several months on our mortgage. When I found a new job, and my wife recovered from her health condition, we tried to catch up but was too far behind and was facing foreclosure especially with the other debts that we fell behind with also. Our decision was to file bankruptcy reorganization so we would have time and a structure to repay our debts and not lose our home. As a result, I have $2000 automatically deducted from my paycheck every month and my wife has $700 deducted from her check that goes to a trustee to repay our debts so we can stay in our home. 
The question I have is, will I qualify to have my mortgage remodified under the new foreclosure bail out which would substantially lower my mortgage and will have an immediate impact in our bankruptcy which can be amended to lower our deduction?

  5. Kendall Says:

    Yes Chase is a heartless bunch of liars and should be reprimanded or fined by this new administration ! I have called them numerous times and they have people in Curacao telling you crap about your home and personal info - they do NOT even live in US why should they have access to my information? That is a complete invasion of privacy ! I found out our loan is actually thru Fannie Mae so why do I have to work with Chase they completely SUCK ~ Obama needs to know this ! They are behaving BADLY - to say the least !! I want to do the government buyback type program where they take 90% if you sell your home ? I cannot remember the plan name !? arrggh can someone help ~

  6. Angie Says:


    I think you are referring to a Short Sale. You might try calling HUD and see if you can get any assistance. We are almost exactly in the same position as you. I have been off work for 9 months waiting for the insurance company to pay or decide to pay for surgery on neck. They still haven’t and now I am having to have surgery through the state, bacisally as a charity case. Our vehicle that was less than a year old literally fell apart while my husband was diring down the highway….the right front rocker arm and strut completely snapped in two and the wheel fell off. My husband travels for work and is unable to get there without that vehicle. So, essentially, I can do a few haircts a day, which is painful for me, and buy milk, bread, etc., just to keep food in our stomach, when we CAN eat due to stress.

    My sister told me this morning that HUD is supposedly requiring ALL mortgage companies BY LAW to have a pyment deferrment program. I don’t know for sure, I am checking on it tomorrow, since I have been on the phone, literally, since 9am this morning. So if you hear of anything or I hear of anything, I will let you know and you do the same, or anyone else that may be privy to the new law.

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